Media and Mobile Learning

The video is a tutorial on how to manually set the Canon DSLR camera for photo booth usage. If these settings are not used, it could lead to blurry images. Best practice is to use this video as a guideline for photo booth usage.

This video is sure to help someone in a brief emergency. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

Darkroom Booth Camera Settings…

This was very helpful when I was at an event and the settings had changed on me!


SoundCloud PodCast:

Don’t Forget Your Keys With The Color Purple

Playing pretend is something we do not make time for as an adult. This was very relaxing!


Buffalo, buffalo, Buffalo

A YouTube video for a school project called, “Buffalo, buffalo, Buffalo.” I chose to pretend that I was in Buffalo, NY on a warm summer day. I enjoyed creating the video and playing pretend. Also, I learned a great deal about video editing with this project.

Created with an iMac, iMovie, and a very hot summer day in Michigan!


e-Learning with PowToon

What will learning look like in the year 2026?

There is no doubt we will have UFO’s in the classrom in 2026. I’m sure of it.